Purple Rock Investments and Holdings Group is deeply dedicated and highly driven to becoming a major force and the  well-known name behind the company that will become a top player as a holder and investor in the global business sector.  The company aims to work alongside some of the world's top private investment firms and private seasoned veterans all while continuing to hire and add to its team of top executives and quality handpicked staff of thinkers and go-getters to head up its company and subsidiaries.

When it comes to business Purple Rock Investments and Holdings Group doesn't just like playing the game, we love to win, and being winners is what we live for.

Purple Rock Investments and Holdings Group carefully and strategically plan to accomplish this task of building its solid empire over the years by diligently positioning and placing itself into various sectors of businesses across a broad range of high gross revenue generating industries such as; Importation and sales of AU Gold Bullion, Commercial Realty, Hospitality and Aviation, Global Farming, Food, and Beverage Space, Technology Manufacturing and Software Development, New Construction and Global Mining, Green Energy Space, Personal Care Organic Cosmetic Industry, The Consumer Products Space, likewise the natural Nutraceutical Vitamins Sector, each space running as a separate division of Purple Rock Investments and Holdings Group Subsidiaries and headed up by its own team of top executives and industry A-1 staff members.

Purple Rock
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Global Farming

Importation & Sales

All of the said industries have been one's that Purple Rock Investments And Holdings Group has chosen carefully keeping a keen eye on them having kept close contacts with top players and visionary leaders in each of the industries, therefore, attaining accurate knowledge of the overall structure and inner workings of every individual Sector and making key connections with veterans and front line leaders in each space.

With That being said, Purple Rock Investments And Holdings Group believes that whenever the time is right and the opportunity arrives and presents itself to enter any of the said sectors, we will not enter as clueless novices, but instead as well knowledgeable and rounded investors ready and willing and able, knowing exactly the A-Team we need to place in position to excel in that space propelling us to be a force in the industry upping our odds to greater success.

Purple Rock Investments And Holdings Group believe that timing and execution are very important, so as we grow we're always looking ahead to position ourselves in a good space in order to take the next step up to another higher level of excellence.


We invest in high yielding business sectors.

The commercial realty sector Mainly mid-large multi-family, shopping plazas & Global Mining, Consumer Products and Agricultural/ live stock farming within the United States and Overseas..